Objects d'Art

Some Pieces We have Picked Up For Quality Craftsmenship

Sterling Silver Box, Iran

Hand Made, Chased & Repousse


Sterling Silver Harmonica

Pendant. Marriage of Metals. Silver, Brass, Copper

The Fear Meter. Ring, Sterling Silver, Magnet, Iron Filings, Acrylic.

Bowl. Raised Brass.

Cigarette Case, Sterling Silver

Inlaid With Pink & Yellow Gold

Oil Lamp and Letter Opener, Brass, Copper.

Static. Pendant, Sterling Silver, Magnets, Iron Filings

Do Not Remove... Wedding Band. Sterling Silver

Smoke and Mirrors. Ring, Sterling Silver, Diamonds

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Satisfied Clients

I FINALLY got a custom-made deployant buckle from Igor, 18K WG with my choice of engraving, and I was THRILLED with the result — prompt, honest, courteous service. I recommend him without reservation.


I bought 2 watches from Igor over the past 6 months and it is a pleasure to deal with him. Igor is knowledgeable, accepts all questions and always replies quickly. I recommend him for sure


Just completed a deal on a 1680 as an international buyer with Igor at www.afinewatch.com . He maintained great communications, had a polite and informed manner and came through with a nice watch for the cash I paid. A trustworthy guy…….!


Just completed a deal with Igor, and may I say It couldn’t have gone smoother. Delivery from the US to the UK was simply stunning. Have no worries dealing with this gentleman.

Workshop Cat

Completed a very smooth transatlantic deal with Igor. he goes the extra mile for his customers,very professional. kind regards.


Igor is good as gold ( no pun intended, well maybe a little one)


I recently purchased a gold GMT from Igor and both the watch and communication with Igor were top notch.


no issues with Igor.
Have bought 1803, Bubbleback and WG 18239, all working well.
Great communication, reliable and dependable.
Good luck

Red Karat Fox

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