Cartier Lighter, Enamel On 14K Gold, Circa 1930s

Shown here is a vintage 1930s lift arm lighter by Cartier. The lighter is made of 14K yellow gold with black enamel covering the whole lighter. Some of the enamel has broken off but we may send this piece for enamel restoration to replace the missing enamel. The lighter measures 44.2 mm high by 33 mm wide by 12.23mm thick ( 15.55 across the lift arm piece ). When these lighters were first made they also often had a watch incorporated on the side, as wrist watches were not in use yet. In the 1930 and later you see pieces as this one without the watch added. The lighter is signed CARTIER on the refill cap and a number 059 or C59 at the bottom of it. It is faint but can still be seen with magnification. On the front of this lighter there is a small decorative piece made of white gold and set with small rose cut diamonds. There is also a cabochon ruby with one missing.