My Fascination With Watches

In the late 1980s I was operating a retail and manufacturing jewelry business. One day a dealer came to my store and offered me some used watches. I knew little about watches then and nothing about the world of collecting. This man opened my eyes to a new world. I bought and sold a few watches, bought some books and learned about the criteria that make a watch collectible.

Since then I have bought and sold hundreds and hundreds of vintage collectible watches and many contemporary fine watches. With the advent of the Internet our client list now spans the globe.

There are many fine watch dealers who offer items on their websites and through auction venues such as E-Bay. Today there are companies, mostly in Asia, able to manufacture fake cases, dials and other vintage watch components producing less valuable vintage-looking watches. If you are not an experienced buyer, or buying a watch without the benefit of actually examining it in person, it would behoove you to buy from a reputable dealer.

My Training

I was trained as a goldsmith and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1979. I have used many techniques to shape and decorate metal. One important piece of my experience that I continue to rely on is the knowledge that every tool, be it a hand tool or a machine, leaves an identifiable mark. These are the marks I look for when identifying whether a watch is the genuine article or a fake. So when you buy a watch from us you will know that you are getting what is represented to you. Browse our collection and look at many detailed photos of the watches we offer for sale.

Please keep in mind that the photos and the descriptions are our intellectual property and protected by copyright laws. Please do not use them anywhere without our consent.