Back in the 1985 I made a group of championship rings and bracelets for then newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Michael Spinks, his manager Butch Lewis, his trainer Eddie Futch and numerous others in the entourage. This is the only photo I have as back then I was not taking photos of my work. This photo is taken on the finger of Eddie Futch the trainer and was given to my wife by Eddie Futch’s widow, Marlene Futch.  By the way I still have the rubber molds I used to make the edition. Michael Spinks’s ring and that of Butch Lewis had both have a 10 carat diamond set in the centers. All others had a cluster of 7 diamonds in the center weighing over 2 carats. On the top surrounding the diamonds was the following text: HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. On each of the north/south sides were the names of the people who received the rings and on the left and right BLP (Butch Lewis Productions) and the Date.