Dunhill 18K Gold Multi Color Lighter

Offered here is a vintage butane lighter by Dunhill in an 18K tri color gold jacket cover.
The lighter is of a slimmer design measuring 2.6″ x 0.95″ x 0.37″. It weighs 82 grams.
This gold jacket was made in Italy as evidenced by 750 and another stamp present on the bottom cover of the refill nozzle compartment.
The gold cover is about 0.4 mm in thickness and we estimate that just the value of gold alone is about $1300.
The lighter is in used condition and has a few dings along with a texture on one of the narrow sides which was done later on.
We can add a piece of 18K gold to cover that side.
Also as you can see there is a small piece of gold missing on one side of the hinge. A small piece of gold can be attached there with the use of a laser welder. The two sides with the three gold colors are satin finished because with high polish it is more difficult to see the colors of gold, one next to another.
Right now missing the flint and butane. The flint should be about 2.3 mm in diameter.