Vintage Bucherer in one ounce 0.950 Platinum case. The case and bracelet exhibit top quality craftsmanship with box hinges !!! The various parts of each bracelet link and the case were stamped and then soldered together. Anyone who has ever worked with platinum knows how labor intensive that is. Platinum has a very high melting point and soldering it is not easy. There were 2 links added to the bracelet to elongate it. These links are made of 18K white gold and are on each side of the clasp. They are riveted in and can be easily removed. The spring part of the clasp is also made of 18K white gold as platinum would not have enough spring. It is an original part. Case and bracelet are set with 164 diamonds. The bead setting is absolutely beautiful !! It is all hand done with much craftsmanship. Beads are very precise in size and symmetry, beautifully finished, there is bright cutting all around and the edges are millgrained. You simply do not find this kind of work very often these days. Diamonds in the vintage watch you see here are as follows:

2 bezel set round diamonds 4.0 mm diameter2 x 1/4 ct. = 0.50 Carats

6 bezel set baguettes 4 mm x 2 mm6 x 1/10 ct. = 0.60 Carats

4 bezel set square 2 mm x 2 mm4 x 0.05 ct. = 0.20 Carats

126 bead set on bracelet 1.5 mm diameter 126 x 0.015 ct. = 1.89 Carats

26 bead set on the case 1.1 mm diameter 26 x 0.005 ct. = 0.13 Carats

Total weight 3.32 carats approx. Bucherer signed 17 jewels movement has just been serviced and runs well.