This is a piece of wearable art !!
You cannot even compare it to most pieces you find in the most luxurious jewelry stores.
The reason being is that this necklace/ collar was totally hand constructed from 18K sheet gold. Not cast in multiple parts and then put together or having been made by any kind of a machine. All hand made!! What you see here is an 18K gold formed by hammering it into the desired shape. Then chased and repousse to obtain the look of folded and knotted fabric. This is the art aspect of this piece. Just as human body, often draped in fabric sculpted and polished in stone. I would expect to see a piece such as this one in a museum or most respectable art gallery. I have used the techniques utilized here to make some art pieces while studying art many years ago.

Besides the concept and art work, it took many hours of very skilled work to form the metal to conform to the final look. This is a heavy piece weighing 215.9 grams. The inside diameter is 4.75 inches. Outside dimensions are 6 inches across by 6 inches high. This piece is hinged in 2 places to allow ease of putting it on. then snapping securely on. The piece is made hollow with the back side having smooth polished finish. The piece is stamped on the back with 750, 18K, ITALY, *418 AD. Based on the hallmark it is possible to find the maker but we could not find it. If you know who the maker is please let us know. Since this piece has to fit your neckline we will allow for a return should it not fit you well.  Priced at $21,000  Make Offer  Text 702 526 8524