Beautiful pendant or brooch in 14K yellow gold.
The bail swivels and folds back if the piece is used as broach.
Totally hand fabricated !!!
To understand the value of this piece one needs to know not only the cost of the materials used but also the time consuming process and the level of craftsmanship involved. Upon close examination I see a piece that was formed out of one solid piece of gold sheet. Slightly domed and then having the center pushed back down.
Next step was the careful symmetrical layout of the design.
Then expert piercing out of the pieces that would become voids that play such integral part of this design. Next the goldsmith soldered the 8 small settings for the diamonds and one larger one in the center. This would be followed by soldering the gold parts in the back that would be used as a bail and brooch pin with the lock.
Next would come a very time consuming process of setting the 80 seed pearls
that graduate from 2.2 mm down to 0.6 mm.
The seed pearls are set with gold beads raised from the gold plate and then all gold around them bright cut with gravers.
The piece measures 35 mm across and weighs 9.2 grams.
The center diamond measures 4.7 mm and the approx. weight is 0.44 carats.
The small diamonds measure 2.7 to 2.9 mm each with a total approx. weight of 0.64 carats.
All diamonds are European cut which tend to be heavier than brilliant cut diamonds.
They are white G and H in color and VS clarity or better.
This piece would be quite difficult to duplicate today and if you found someone who could do it for you it would undoubtedly cost you much more than the price we set here. I would estimate the cost of diamonds, gold and pearls used at about $1500.
Try to find someone to make it for $1000 is another matter 🙂

Priced at $2550. Price subject to change.