Very beautiful vintage 14K white gold and pearls bracelet.
It is 8 and 3/4 inches long. The pearls are strung in 9 pearl sections and 3 rows to a total of 81 pearls. The pearls measure 7.9 mm for the smallest to 8.3 mm largest and majority are over 8 mm.
The strands are kept close together with 2 white gold pieces and a white gold clasp
at the ends. The clasp has an organic motif on the top with some round sapphires prong set. The pearls are of very nice quality with good luster. I would classify them as an A quality with AAA being the top quality.
The clasp has an interesting double safety. Once the clasp is engaged there is a lever on the side that you slide towards the male part to lock the clasp with additional safety.  Priced at $1250