Offered here a beautiful vintage ladies 14K rose gold ring with stunning 11.2 Carat Aquamarine as calculated.
We have tested the gold using an acid test and it checks out as 14K gold.
There are also 2 stamps inside the shank, not very legible. The ring is cast.
This ring is set with an emerald cut aquamarine in the center.
The Aquamarine is set with 4 prongs. It measures 15.5 x 12.2 x 8.65 mm. Clarity: Lightly included (L2).
There is a small chip on one of the longer sides close to the girdle. Not very noticeable.
This Aquamarine was tested by our gemologist and confirmed as such.
If you like we can obtain an appraisal for you for an additional charge of $100.
The top of the ring measures 16.3 mm in width by 2.5 mm at the base of shank.
This ring weighs 6.2 grams and is size 6.75.
It is 28.4 mm high from top to bottom and protrudes 10 mm above the finger.
Most of the value here is in the gem itself. If you decide you would like to have it in another setting, we can help you in making one and resetting this aquamarine.

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