Offered here a beautiful vintage ladies 18K rose gold and platinum ring with stunning 28.48 Carat Aquamarine (calculated) and 4 round brilliant diamonds, two on each side bead set set. Each is 0.06 carats in size to a total of 0.24 carat.
This ring was totally hand constructed from sheet gold which was cut and formed in separate parts and then soldered together.
The ring is not stamped but tested a weak 18K gold with an acid test. We had taken it to a place which uses a spectrometer to test the gold.
The shank tested as 67% pure gold and the upper portion as 71% pure gold. So good guess is that this ring is 70% pure gold. 18K is 75 % pure gold.

The diamonds are set in 2 pieces made out of platinum. They are VS in clarity and G-I in color.  This ring was most likely made in the 1940s or 1950s. The Aquamarine is emerald cut and set with 4 prongs. It measures 21.20 x 16.60 x 11.90 mm (approximate). Clarity: Lightly included (L2). Gem eWizard color: Light, moderately strong, greenish Blue (gB 3/4).

Proportions: Very Good, Finish: Good, Brilliancy: Very Good – 80%to 90%, No fluorescence.
The top of the ring measures 19 mm in width by 4.7 mm at the base of shank.
This ring weighs 20.5 grams and is size 6 and 1/2.
This ring was appraised in June 21st 2018 by Richard C. Huntington, Master Gemologist Appraiser and valued at $9500 plus $783.75 in Nevada Sales Tax. The last 2 scans were taken from the appraisal. You just do not see this kind of craftsmanship as in this ring often today.
Nowadays most jewelers would not even undertake making a ring like this one because they do not possess the necessary skills. Work such as this one here is done using a computer and 3D printing. I would rather have a hand made ring any day over one designed with a computer and 3D printed in wax and then cast.  Priced at $9350    Make Offer  Text  702 526 8524