Very nice vintage chronograph by Paul Portinoux.
The chrome plated case measures 35 mm across by 42.4 mm long.
The case is in great condition and appears to have never been polished and retains all the original factory finish in mint condition !!
Just look how sharp is the detail on the stainless steel back.
The stamped number in the center 332 21 has raised edges as when the metal behaves when struck this way. Had the back been refinished these edges would have been removed.
When I first saw this watch I immediately decided to buy it.
It looked like used a few times and put in a drawer for the next 50 years.
It is very rare to find a 50 plus years old watch in such a great condition.
Beautiful original silver color dial with applied hour markers and numerals.
The dial is printed in 3 colors: black, blue and red.
You will find that this chronograph operates a bit differen.t than most.
Start only function with a button at 2 o’clock.
Stop the chronograph with the button at 4 o’clock.
Pressing this button again after stopping will return the chronograph hands to zero position. We had the watch serviced some months ago.
The watch comes on a very nice original alligator Paul Portinoux band
with a white gold filled buckle.