Longines Limited Edition of 200 For U.S. Bi Centennial, 14K Gold

Offered here a very RARE watch by Longines Watch Co.
Issued in 1976 to commemorate bicentennial of American Revolution.
It was issued in only 200 pieces
and this one is #16 of 200.
The case measures 46.27 mm across and is quite heavy weighing 61.2 grams.
The front cover features the American eagle, pave` set with single cut diamonds.
Above the eagle there are 13 small sapphires representing the original 13 colonies.
These are also bead set into the gold.
Above the eagle’s head
All this encircled by 50 rubies representing all the states.
Because there were so few of these made there is not much record of sales to be found on the Internet.
We were able to find one that sold at Sotheby’s auction in New York on Dec. 6th 2011.
That watch sold for $6875.
It was lot number 230.
Please e-mail if you need the link to that auction.
It is worthy to note that that watch had an issue number of 94/200.
Mine offered here is number 16/200.
Usually lower numbered pieces in any limited edition are worth more.
The watch has a 17 jewels manual wind movement cal. L 647.4 This watch is in beautiful condition with only a few small scuffs on the back cover that may be touched up with a fine sandpaper to look as original finish.
The watch is keeping good time. This is a valuable piece you would be proud to own and pass to your children.
These real limited edition watches do not lose value, they often appreciate in value.
This watch was issued for a very important occasion and in very limited number.

Just as a point of interest, this watch retailed
at over $5000 when issued and this was when the price of gold was about $100 per ounce.