Big Certina DS-2 Super PH500M diving watch.

The case measures 43 mm across by 47.8 mm long and 15.6 mm thick.

Lugs are 18.7 mm wide. The crystal is 5 mm thick !!

When issued this model was supposed to be water resistant to 500 meters. The crown was supposed to be screw down crown but this one is not.

This model was first released in 1968. The bezel is ratcheted and clicks 120 times around.

The bezel insert is BAKELITE.

It has been repaired with a small section from 37 to 42 markers being filled in with another material.

The glossy black dial has an orange peel texture. I suspect it is a redial.

The hands also seem not to be of the type used on this model.

The hour markers and hands still glow in the dark.

There is a ding on the bottom of case at 9:30 location. It is possible nowadays to fill it using a laser welder.

This watch was serviced in 2014 and is running very well.

This is quite a collectible early Certina diving watch. It is far from best specimen you can find but you do not have to spend top dollar to own it either 🙂