Offered here is a custom made gent’s watch in 18K white gold. Based on my research this watch was commissioned by Ramon DeSage a high flying Las Vegas gambler who allegedly gambled $175 million dollars.

High-Flying ‘Prodigious Gambler’ Indicted for $190 Million Ponzi Scheme; Gambled Away $175 Million — Ponzitracker

This company is still selling chocolates and their logo is identical to the signatures on the dial and case back of this watch.

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This watch is quite large and together with the 248 pave` set diamonds makes quite a presence on the wrist. So with this design someone was inspired by a Harry Winstone 18K white gold watch. It is a nice effort as using hand tools is so much more difficult than modern machining. The watch is 35.8mm across and 52.8mm long. The lugs are hinged The case and lugs are set with 248 full cut diamonds!! That means hand drilling with a very small drill bit and cutting the seats for each diamond with a round burr. Raising beads from gold to hold the diamonds in place next. The case is very thick and weighs about 64 grams of 18K gold alone, 66.3 grams with a quartz movement, dial and crystal. The case was drilled in the back and tapped to accept 6 small screws which hold the case back. Mother of pearl dial, jeweled Swiss quartz movement and close to 3 carats of full cut diamonds. The leather band will accommodate a 7.5 inch wrist. The original Harry Winstone with diamonds would most likely cost over $30,000. Someone probably paid for this facsimile at least $9000. The watch is signed Desage on the dial and on the case back but I am quite sure it is only one of a very few made. I could not find any reference to this exact watch on the Internet. The case is not stamped but we have tested it with an 18K gold testing acid and the case checks out as 18K gold. To fully appreciate the amount of work that went into this piece: The round part of the case was most likely turned in wax on the lathe. Then 2 of the pieces you see at 6 and 12 o’clock were separately carved in wax as well as the flexible lugs. All were then cast and finished separately. The 2 pieces were then soldered at 12 and 6 o’clock and the flexible lugs connected with a gold wire hinge. The setting of these small diamonds is also very time consuming process and much precision has to be utilized while performing this task.