Pictured here vintage 1990s Vacheron Constantin Skeleton Automatic movement in 18K gold case, reference 43030.  NOW SOLD.

This is a very rare model, you find only a handful offered for sale at any given time.

The watch is in beautiful condition. The case measures 33 mm across. 

The automatic lever movement cal. 1120/1 with engraving. The movement has 36 jewels.

The case is only 5 mm in thickness.

When you first wind the watch you will actually see the main spring tighten.

Set the time by first pulling the crown out gently and turning to desired time.

As you wear the watch the automatic movement winds the main spring.

As you see most of the internal parts of the movement are made of 18K solid gold,

The rotor is made of 21 Karat gold so it is heavier for such small size and winds better.

Below is what you find on the Vacheron Constantin website:

Vacheron Constantin automatic skeleton watches embody a high-precision art consisting of reducing the entire set of mechanical parts to their bare essentials in order to reveal the quintessence of the self-winding movement. A task requiring extreme finesse and absolute precision, openworking the oscillating weight is the most delicate part of crafting automatic skeleton watches, since this component must maintain a certain density. Openworking, decorating, chasing, bevelling, engraving, chamfering: these operations call for weeks or decorative work performed by the Artistic Crafts artisans labouring within the Manufacture to produce these automatic skeleton watches.

The watch is in good working condition and keeps time. We have no record of last service. If you want to wear it often you may want to have the watch serviced.

The watch is signed VACHERON CONSTANTIN on the main spring barrel visible on the front together with GENEVE.

It is also signed VACHERON CONSTANTIN and GENEVE on the edge of the rotor visible from back side. There you also find 21C for 21 karat gold. In the center of the rotor you find the text: 36 JEWELS.

All the hallmarks and serial number can be found between the lugs.

 Vacheron Constantin is still using this type of movement in their present offerings.

 The company has increased the size to 38mm and the current price is $74,500 for one in white gold!!!


 In 2012 one similar to this one sold at Christies auction in Hong Kong for 200,000 Hong Kong dollars, which today would be over $25,000.  This one is priced here at $18,300 (subject to change).