Offered here is a beautiful 18K rose gold watch from the Fine Jewelry House of DeLaneau.
This company is not so well known in the U.S. but their pieces and craftsmanship is on par with Cartier.
This watch is in great condition!!
This watch measures 27.4 mm across by 47.6 mm long, including the arch shaped closure on top of the case.
The case is a solid and heavy piece of gold. The watch weighs 59.3 grams as pictured here.
I suspect the the gold alone comes to about 44 grams. That is worth at least $2100. The amount of gold here is more then used in 3 Cartier Tank models and for a vintage Cartier tank in 18K gold you have to spend over $5000 today!!
The watch has a very interesting design for closure. Instead of the commonly used buckle this watch incorporates the closure as part of the design of the case. One has to simply lift the round portion away from the leather and it comes undone to put the watch on.
Engaging the piece into the case and pressing down towards the leather locks the band in place. To adjust the length of the band one has to remove the leather from narrow gold piece in the middle of the band and then adjust the piece which comes to a point.
Right now the band is adjusted to 6.2 inches but can be extended to 6.5 inches. Right now the watch comes with a slightly used original blue DeLaneau leather band. You can substitute with another one but should keep the same width and thickness.
The dial is gold or bronze in color with big exploding Roman numerals in purple.
You can find some pieces of this design from Delaneau on the Internet but most are set with diamonds and other gems. Some have beautiful enameled dials. They will all cost you thousands of dollars more than this one.