The dial is absolutely beautiful. It is a true galvanic process GILT dial!!

The printing you see on the glossy black background is actually a highly polished metal the dial is made of.

The black paint was deposited around it and if you look with the magnification you will see that the black paint is at slightly higher level than the letters and numbers.

This process was used by a very few dial manufacturing Swiss companies during some years in the 1950s and early 1960s. Then discontinued because it was too costly.

The watches with galvanic Gilt dials are valued much more then regular painted dials!!! When the light hits the dial, all the numerals and scale marks just glow!! So if you compare our watch here to others of same models, make sure you are comparing dial to dial as well!! This dial has a few surface imperfections very close to the tritium covered hour markers. This undoubtedly because a chemical reaction that has occurred over the 50 plus years.

The case is in great condition. All of the factory polished surfaces are still in factory condition. I see no evidence of re-polishing.

The bi directional turning bezel is also in very sharp condition.

The crystal has a few small scratches but not easy to see unless you view from certain angles and look for them.

The 17 jewels movement looks great and performs well with all functions working well. It is Venus cal. 178.

The case measures 40 mm in diameter, 41 mm across the bezel. The case back has a few minor scuffs.

WE have no record of last service. We do not guarantee the water resistance of any of our vintage watches.