Here is a very desirable Rolex Submariner model 1680 dating to 1969/1970. The case has a 2 .60 million serial number and a case back stamped inside I70, which stands for 1st quarter of 1970. Beautiful black dial with hour markers that have turned a slight cream color and matching hands. The SUBMARINER is written in RED which was done for a limited time only and thereafter replaced with white lettering. The dial is MINT. These RED Submariners are quite collectible. The case although polished in the past retains thick lugs and good lines. Originally these 1680 Submariners came out with folded oyster bracelets model 9315. To my taste they were quite flimsy and after 2 decades or so started really showing their age. This watch has a ROLEX U.S.A. jubilee bracelet fitted on. Some buyers in the past preferred a bracelet different than the original issue and Rolex dealers were happy to oblige. I like the way it looks and feels on the wrist. The serial number has a couple of middle digits that are not legible anymore due to friction with the bracelet end. The first 3 digits are 260 and last are 41. There is also slight surface pitting between the lugs which is quite common on Rolex watches of this era and cannot be seen with the bracelet attached anyway. Rolex movement cal. 1570 in good condition and keeping good time.