Pictured here is Rolex Day Date model 1802 in white18Kgold. Beautiful original Rolex dial with rail configuration. Diamond markers likely post factory issue. 18K Rolex plain smooth bezel. Rolex cal. 1556 movement with hacking. Manufactured in 1968. Antiquorum auction of the 1802 in White Gold fetched a price of $20,800 in November 2011. Here is what they said about this model:

“While usually found with a reeded bezel bearing the reference 1803, this model has the smooth bezel characteristic of reference 1802. Made in extremely small numbers, Antiquorum has never sold a white gold 1802 and has sold a total of only 5 examples in various metals in the past 15 years. Maintained in immaculate condition, still with its original bracelet dated 1971, and recently overhauled by Rolex, it is sure to please Day-Date collectors.”

Here it is – a VERY RARE Rolex Day Date model 1802 in white 18K gold. Model 1802 designates a Day Date with a plain smooth bezel while 1803 one with fluted bezel. 1803 in white gold with accompanying bracelet runs somewhere around $20,000 as of 2023. So you may think why should you spend more than twice as much for an 1802 in white gold? Rarity! Mine shown here has a beautiful original Rolex pie pan dial. Diamond markers added post factory issue, most likely by Rolex U.S.A. If you desire a plain Day Date dial of this vintage without the diamonds they are still available on secondary market. This Rolex was manufactured in 1968. Rolex cal. 1556 movement with hacking. Will fit 7.5 inch wrist comfortably. The watch is in good working and cosmetic condition. I believe this model in white gold is even less common than one in platinum, Antiquorum agrees with me !!! As to the value of precious metal in platinum or 18K white gold model, presently the difference favors the 18K white gold. As of April 4th 2023 spot gold is about $1980 an oz. which makes the price of 18K gold $48 a gram. On the other hand platinum trades at $1080 an oz. so the price of 90% pure platinum as used in 1960s would be $31 per gram today. Through my Internet research I was able to find sales of only three 1802 models in white gold in the last years: One that sold at Antiquorum auction with serial number 2612447. Another one was sold on E-Bay w/ a serial 2612457 and one offered here with the earliest one of the 3, serial 2612408.