Offered here is a very interesting Patek Philippe made for Tiffany & Co. From the inscription inside one can see that the watch was presented as a Christmas gift in 1891. The monogram is very interesting one as it is done in relief and applied to the front cover. I have owned many pocket watches and never have I seen a monogram like this one done in relief!! The back has 2 covers. The inside one is also hinged and has a crystal for easy viewing of the movement. The case measures 37.7mm across. Most likely made by Verger Freres. You may find other Patek Philippe pocket watches from this period. Finding another one like this one, made for Tiffany & Co. with such a beautiful monogram is another matter. Currently the watch is running, although very fast. It will need service if you plan on using it. If only for your collection I would leave as is. It is more an objet d’art than one of utility.