Offered here a beautiful Hamilton pocket watch in 14K solid gold case.
This watch has a 23 jewels Hamilton movement size 12 adjusted to 5 positions. It is grade 922MP.
It was called Masterpiece by the manufacturer and was a top of the line movement for Hamilton and at the top of watch movements of all U.S. manufacturers for that period.
Pacard automobile company was known to award Hamilton watches to their employees for 10 years of loyal service. I have no information whether all employees who reached the 10 year of employment received one or only a select few. I know that you do not see that many of these award Hamiltons on the Internet.

Pacard Automobile Co. had a slogan “Ask The Man Who Owns One” and all these award watches had this printed on the dials. As you can see the inner movement cover has a personal inscription which was stamped in at the Hamilton factory.
What is even more remarkable about this find is that it comes with an original Hamilton box the watch came with.
This watch was manufactured in 1930 with a production of only 600 pieces for that year.
Totally there were only 16,900 movements of 922 grade made but only 1,200 were Masterpiece!!
This watch measures 1.8 inches across and weighs 59.1 grams. I just wound the watch and it is running perfect over the last 24 hours!!
This watch is not only sought after by vintage Hamilton collectors but also by Pacard automobile collectors.