Offered here is a 16 size convertible movement Elgin in a beautiful box hinged hunting case measuring over 50 mm across.
This is a museum worthy example of American craftsmanship!!!
The movement dates to 1884 by the serial number. It has 15 jewels and has Moseley regulator. The watch weighs 136.3 grams.
The case is hallmarked with Deuber’s own system where raised DEUBER and raised anchor signify the case being of solid gold construction and of what was then considered 14K gold. The laws of hallmarking were not as strict then and until 1970s manufacturers were allowed 1/2 a carat or about 2% leeway. So until the law was tightened in the 1970s manufacturers in the U.S. would typically use 13.5 karat( 56.25%) gold and mark it as 14K.
We had this case tested by a spectrometer and the result was 56.2% pure gold. We estimate the gold value to be about $3000.
The watch has beautiful and very artistic engraving. Look at the shading used to suggest a 3 dimensional look. Take a notice of the dragon on the back cover !!!
Such engraving as you see here is an almost lost art nowadays. Had you commissioned an artist/engraver to engrave 2 gold panels of this size with this level of detail you’d be expected to easily pay way over $2000.