Montblanc Ballpoint Pen, in 925 Sterling Silver w/ Montblanc Box

Offered here is a 100% genuine Montblanc ballpoint pen in sterling silver with gold accents.
Made in Germany. It is in great used condition.

If you do not know these pens, please go to Montblanc store and see and feel one there, prior to purchasing here

I am including a few photos to show what you need to do in order to change the refill when time comes for that.

First you unscrew the little cap with the star. Then you simply pull off the top silver part of the pen.

Now hold the bottom silver part in one hand and hold the brass part with another. Proceed unscrewing and when apart you will see the refill. When assembling the pen together make sure the very top aligns as per photo before you screw the cap with the clip back on. While screwing this cap on keep in mind you actually grip the very top plastic part with your fingers. If any questions, please e-mail me.