Ladies Rolex Chameleon 18K Gold

Here is a vintage ladies Rolex Chameleon in 18K gold case and bracelet. This model was named Chameleon because it was offered with several leather bands in different colors as well. This way the wearer could chose the color best suited for the occasion. We only have the 18K gold bracelet. If you like you can purchase the leather bands from Rolex store or many are to be found on E-Bay. The watch as pictured weighs 39.1 grams. The case measures 17.2 mm at the bottom and 15 mm at the top. It is 9.0 mm thick. The bracelet will fit a 6.5 inch wrist. The watch will accept a leather strap measuring 12.2 mm at most and 1.3 mm in thickness. The case has a very nice hobnail design on it’s side which retains much of it’s original detail. The dial is slightly aged but is 100% original Rolex as are the gold hands. As you see the bracelet has an interesting feature. At it’s center it has an 18K white gold spring leaf which keeps the watch centered on the bracelet and prevents it from moving. The watch is powered by a Rolex mechanical movement and it is running fine. You will find some examples of this vintage model on the Internet but mostly with leather bands, not with the 18K gold bracelet.