What a beautiful vintage 18K European yellow gold diamond encrusted bracelet with a hidden watch!!! This piece was created by A.F. Souteyrand Joaillier of Paris France sometime in the 1920s or 1930s. The case and the bracelet are hand made in 18K gold and set with 33 diamonds. I estimate the total diamond weight to be a bit over 2 carats based on measurements listed below. 11 round diamonds are set in 18K white gold bezel settings. All of these are in the center rectangle. 1 @ 3.3mm, 4 @ 2.30mm, 2 @ 1.7mm, 4 @ 1.50mm ( 1 x 0.15ct. + 4 x 0.05ct. + 2 x 0.02ct. + 4 x 0.015ct. = 0.45ct. ) 14 round diamonds set in 18K white gold prong settings: 8 @ 3.20mm, 6 @ 1.90mm ( 8 x 0.14ct. + 6 x 0.03ct. = 1.30ct. ) 8 round diamonds bead set in 2 18K white gold strips: 8 @ 2.1mm ( 8 x 0.035ct. = 0.28ct. ) One of the larger round diamonds is set on top of the lever which when pulled down slightly will release the spring loaded top cover. It swings up revealing a watch dial underneath. I am amazed by the quality of workmanship present here. You have lots of separate parts that had to be hand cut, shaped and soldered together. This is the quality you would expect from the likes of Cartier, Bucherer and other top jewelry houses of that period. The case measures 16.2 mm wide by 36 mm long, 51.5 mm with the swivel lugs to which the square chain is connected. This watch weighs 50.4 grams and is 7 inches long. It is hallmarked on 5 different parts. We had it tested nonetheless and it does test a strong 18K gold. The case is signed on the back cover as follows: CREATION A.F. SOUTEYRAND. PARIS We are pricing the piece based on our knowledge and experience as of this time but do reserve the right to change it based on the appraiser’s report unless sold prior to receiving it. We also are in possession of the original box this watch came with. The label inside reads: A.F. SOUTEYRAND EXPERT JOAILLIER FABRICANT 23, Rue Racine , 23 -PARIS- Should you want an appraisal done by a Certified Jewelry Appraiser we can have one done for you here. Your cost for appraisal will be $150.