Offered here an awesome 14K white gold ring set with an oval star sapphire.
The sapphire measures 17.70 mm by 14.70 mm by 8.25 mm (approximate).
The calculated weight is 25.76 Carats.
Clarity: Moderately included (M1).
Gem eSquare color: Medium Light, Very Slightly Grayish, Violetish Blue (vB 4/3).
Good proportions, good finish, six rayed star.
The sapphire is flush set into a 14K white gold ring.
The ring is cast with a high polish.

The ring weighs 24.4 grams and is size 8.75.
The ring is stamped 14K.
The sapphire has light chips on one side, right by the gold.
That can easily be corrected by polishing the stone if it is removed from the setting.
We have the appraisal done on 5/22/2015 by J. Michael Tracy Graduate Gemologist at Huntington Jewelers in Las Vegas stating the Fair Market Value as $12,900 which includes $968 in Nev. state tax. Insurance appraisal can be up to 30% higher!!! Upon purchase you will receive the appraisal done in your name.    Priced at $6500    Make Offer  Text 702 526 8524