Offered here is a beautiful vintage platinum ring center set with an 8 carat Imperial green A grade jadeite.
The ring was photographed in natural light, one of the photos taken in direct sunlight.
This jadeite was removed in order to have the top repolished. Before setting back in, it was weighed and confirmed as 8 carat.
The jadeite is cabochon cut and measures 14.4 mm X 11.1 mm x 5.7 mm at the thickest points.
It is set with 2 thick prongs at the length points and 2 additional prongs at the width points.
This jadeite is accented with 2 high quality straight baguette cut diamonds, 1 on each side. They are of VS clarity and F,G in color.
The diamonds are about 0.18 to 0.19 carat each to a total weight of 0.37 carats as stamped inside of the shank.
The ring measures 17.5 mm at the top and tapers down to 2.46 mm at the bottom of the shank.
This ring is totally hand made!! This is a very time consuming process, especially when using platinum.
It is comprised of at least 30 separate parts which had to be cut , formed and welded together.
The ring is stamped inside the shank Pt 900. It weighs 10.4 grams and is size 6.25. I would venture to say the ring was made in the 1950s or 1960s. Little doubt the jadeite is from Myanmar. Priced here at $3400   Make Offer  Text 702 526 8524