Chain and enhancer designed and manufactured by David Yurman.
The chain is made of alternating links of 18K gold and sterling silver 0.925.
Each silver link has a twisted wire design and 12.3 mm by 9.5 mm by 2.6 mm thick.
The 18K yellow gold links are high polished and measure 11.7 mm by 10.2 mm by 1.7 mm thick.
The chain is over 22 inches in length and weighs  78.4 grams.
We estimate that half the weight of the chain is in 18K gold and thus worth over $1200 in gold value.
David Yurman sells this model of a chain for $2500 in a 16″ length.
Therefore the 22 inch would run $3400 !!
The enhancer has a hinged bail and can be attached quickly to the chain.
It measures 26.7 mm across ( over 1 inch ) by 38.7 mm long.
Most of the metal is sterling silver, with the front part of the bail and front part
of the enhancer made of 18K yellow gold.
The blue cushion shaped stone, which we think is a turquoise, measures 21 mm by 21 mm.
The color is that of turquoise originating in Iran.
This may be a reconstituted stone from genuine raw material with a process that removes the impurities.
I refer you to see how David Yurman describes this Albion enhancer.
This enhancer has a retail price of over $1000 !!
Both the chain and the enhancer are hallmarked and signed D.Y 750 925.
So had you bought this piece from David Yurman or one of the retailers selling these, you would have been expected to pay at least $4400 plus sales tax.

Priced here at $2700