Here is a beautiful epicene 14K gold ring set with a high quality Lavender Jadeite. This ring measures 20.5 mm, north to south orientation, at the top and tapers to 3.9 mm at the base of the shank. It is size 9 and weighs 10.4 grams. It is set with lavender jadeite measuring 19.42 x 15.6 x 6.62 mm and is estimated to weigh 17.2 carats. Gem eSquare color:  Medium, Slightly Grayish, violetish Purple (vP 5/2). Good proportions and Good finish. The gem is cut as a double cabochon with the bottom side also convex.  This is usually done on better quality jadeite gems. This ring was appraised on Oct. 23rd 2015 by J. Michael Tracy at $7800 as Marketable Cash Value. This jadeite is translucent. The last picture shows the light from an iPhone showing through this jadeite.  Make Offer Text 702 526 8524