Offered here is a large shell cameo set in a fabulous 18K gold hand made frame.
This museum quality cameo depicts a child’s portrait in relief.

It is possible the subject was from nobility and the artist carved the cameo looking at the painted portrait. I believe this cameo was made somewhere around 1860 to 1890.
It measures 64.4 mm in height by 57.43 mm across and weighs 27 grams.
The image was carved by an artist as evidenced by the proportions and delicate details.
Notice how nicely the hair is done and ruffles on the garment.
The frame is totally hand constructed with lots of parts that had to be cut, shaped and soldered together.
The edge of the frame immediate to the cameo is decorated by four fine twisted gold wire.
The main part of the frame consists of 4 parts with each having a ram’s head at each end.
The pin on the back is made of yellow gold. This brooch is hallmarked by the hinge and again on the pin.
We were not able to discern what the image is.
We tested the gold with an 18K gold testing acid and the gold tests as 18K.