Ladies Ring 14K Gold, Star Sapphire, Diamonds

Offered here a beautiful vintage 14K gold ring set with a round, slightly grayish, violetish blue star sapphire. The sapphire measures 15.85 mm x 15.95 mm x 11.25 mm. Based on these measurements the weight is estimated at 28.44 Carats.
The sapphire is heavily included (H1). Proportions GOOD, Finish GOOD. Wavy six ray star. The high dome sapphire is bezel set. It is surrounded with 30 small diamonds 0.01 ct. to 0.02 carats each to a total weight of 0.5 cts. estimated. Diamonds are single, full cut and some European cut. The diamonds are mostly old cut. They are set in a channel. The ring is cast. It weighs 11.3 grams and is size 6.
We have a Market Value Appraisal done by Richard C. Huntington – Master Gemologist Appraiser for $3700. The appraisal was done on May 28th 2014. You will receive the appraisal issued by him in your name upon purchase.
Most value is in the star sapphire. You can have it set in a piece of your liking :) Priced here at $3700 based on $1300/oz. gold market price.