Here is a beautiful gents 14K gold ring set with a quality green Jadeite. This ring measures 25.1 mm, north to south orientation, at the top and tapers to 5.1 mm at the base of the shank. It is size 11 and weighs 16.2 grams. It is set with green jadeite measuring 22.53 x 17.77 x 7.63 mm and is estimated to weigh 24.7 carats. The gem is cut as a double cabochon with the bottom side also convex. This is usually done on better quality jadeite gems. This jadeite is translucent. This jadeite is NATURAL – A Grade!! We have a Gem Certificate for this ring from Stone Group Laboratories in Jefferson City, Missouri stating that the jadeite is all natural. The certificate includes the picture of this ring as well. You will receive this certificate together with this ring. Here you are buying a Known Quality!!! Do not buy expensive Jadeite gems without laboratory certificate stating they are free of fillers or dyes.

Priced at $1500   Make Offer Text 702 526 8524