Offered here is a gorgeous 22.15 Carat rectangular cushion cut Aquamarine (calculated) and 2 round brilliant diamonds. The top half of this ring was cast and the bottom part made of 2 sliding strips of gold and soldered to the top part. The Aquamarine is elongated and set with 6 prongs. It measures 24.32 mm x 13.76 mm x 9.09 mm. It has a beautiful medium blue color and is of VS clarity. The aquamarine of this color and clarity sells at over $500 per carat at retail prices. Very good proportions, Very good Finish, Brilliancy Very Good. The top of the ring measures 34.3 mm in width by 3.9 mm at the base of shank. This ring weighs 16.12 grams and is variable in size from 8.5 to 14. This ring was made to expand and retract, made for someone with larger knuckles. So in the present state the buyer can adjust it to their finger size and drop a bit of adhesive between the 2 strips of gold to fix the size as required. At this time we are pricing this ring at $7000. The ring was submitted to the Gemologist Appraiser for evaluation and he appraised this ring at $14,850 for insurance purposes. This aquamarine is so valuable that he advised us to have it sent to Gemological Institute Of America to obtain the certificate which describes the gem in more detail and will increase the value of this gem. If you like this aquamarine but would rather have it set in another ring design we can help you with that. The gold, about 13 grams here can be reused in a new design. It is 14K gold, not stamped but tested by us.  Priced at $7000  Make Offer Text 702526 8524