Shown here an unusual epicene (gents or ladies) 14K gold ring set with an emerald cut Emerald weighing approx. 1.88 carats. The emerald measures 9.49mm x 6.20mm x 4.70mm (approximate). The ring has  a recessed area on each side with native gold nuggets soldered in. They are much yellower in color because they are higher in pure gold, usually 85 – 90% pure gold. The ring is 11.7mm wide on top  and 6.3mm in width at the base. It is size 9.5 and weighs 16.0 grams. We had the ring appraised by J.Michael Tracy, Certified Gemologist Appraiser at Huntington Jewelers in Las Vegas  on 11.12.2015. He states the clarity as being moderately included (M2) with a Medium light, Strong, Green color (G 4/5). Good proportions and good finish. Marketable Cash Value $3200. The buyer will receive this appraisal in his/her name with the purchase.