Vintage ladies Ebel in an 18 karat yellow gold case and bracelet.
The bracelet is comprised of many links that are hinged and will allow the bracelet to spread open enough to slip over the wrist and then snap shut.
The bracelet is set with 38 full cut diamonds approx. 6 points each.
They are set in 14K white gold settings. Total weight of diamonds is 2.25 carats approx.
Total weight of gold is 82 grams. At the present gold market there is over $2600 worth of gold here !!!
Now add 2.25 carats of quality diamonds, that is another $1500 or so.
This is a very well made piece of 18K gold and diamonds jewelry,
I am sure you will get plenty of compliments on it.
Just imagine the expression on the face of your friend when you flip the top of the watch open and show them the watch hidden under.
Had you commissioned a good jeweler to make you a piece like this you’d be expected to pay much, more then the price here !!
The bracelet’s inner circumference is just over 6 inches.
Any good jeweler can add a small section of 18K gold to each side of the bracelet at the clasp, to make it larger. Priced at $1330 gold market at $4900. Price subject to change.