Blue Star Sapphire 12.5 Carat, 14K White Gold Ring

Sown here a very nice gents ring set with a dark blue Star Sapphire. This gem is set in a 14K white gold. The sapphire weighs approximately 12.5 carats and is flush set. It is translucent and exhibits a very nice 6 ray star. On each side of the sapphire there is a triangular shaped diamond of about 0.25 carats each. One of the diamonds has a small chip in one corner, very difficult to see with the naked eye. The ring weighs 15.6 grams and is size 9.5. Priced here at $12,000. and subject to change.

Clarity: Lightly included (L2).
Gem eSquare color: Dark, Moderately strong, Violetish Blue (vB 7/4).
Good proportions, good finish, six rayed star.
The sapphire is flush set into a 14K white gold ring.
The ring is cast with a florentine and polish finish.
On each side of the star sapphire there are triangular shaped diamonds.
Each estimated to be 0.35 to 0.37 carats.
Clarity SI1
Color H-I
Good proportions, good finish.
One diamond is chipped in the corner,
very hard to see with the naked eye.
The ring weighs 15.9 grams and is size 9.5.
The ring is stamped 14K.

We have the appraisal done on 3/18/2016 by J. Michael Tracy Certified Gemologist appraiser
at Huntington Jewelers in Las Vegas
stating the Marketable Cash Value as $12,550 which includes 8.15% Nevada state tax.
Insurance appraisal can be up to 30% higher!!!
We believe that it is only fair for the buyer to have an independent evaluation of the gems offered for sale done by a very qualified gemologists!!!!
Upon purchase you will receive the appraisal done in your name.
We can also send the ring to Gem Laboratory to have the sapphire confirmed as all natural!!

We back all of our gems sold here with a Gemological Laboratory Certification so you will be sure to buy only genuine gems without any undisclosed treatments.