Awesome Mid 20th Century French 18K Gold Brooch w/ 27 Diamonds

What an outstanding piece!! This mid 20th century French made brooch has a very sculptural quality. Made in several separate parts which were cast and polished before the final assembly. Interestingly you can find little tabs on the back of this brooch each with a different number. These I believe were a guide to assemble the parts. Once the final shape was achieved it was then accented with 9 clusters of diamonds, 3 diamonds in each. The diamond clusters were cast in 18K white gold and fitted with a peg on the back of each to fit a corresponding hole in the yellow gold part. Once fitted they were soldered in place. The diamonds are of G,H color and VS clarity. They are 5 points each and total approx. 1.35 carats. The design of this brooch, like many others of the period, draws the inspiration from nature. What I love about this one is that it is very stylized and only gives you the hint of what it seems to represent. To me it looks like a cluster of grapes with the diamonds as glistening drops of water. You may see something else. The brooch is 58.4 mm high by 44 mm wide and 17.3 mm deep ( pin attachment excluded ). It weighs 22.1 grams. On the back of the brooch you will find signatures: FRENCH, letters D over S and 18K. The 18K gold has developed a nice patina over the years which adds greatly to the character of this piece. I have looked extensively over the Internet to find which company made this piece. I found one with exactly the same shape but different diamond clusters. The seller is asking $8,999.99 which I believe is very unrealistic. The seller is clearly not in the vintage jewelry field. We have priced this fine piece based on similar brooches of the period.