Solid Gold Deployant Hand Made in Yellow, Pink, White

These deployants are 100% custom hand made in the U.S.A. They weigh approx. 18 grams. These deployants are made to simply replace your ardillon watch buckle. The deployant buckle not only allows you to put on or take off your treasured watch off your wrist but will also prolong the life of the strap. This because there is no bending of the strap at the point of engagement to the desired hole in the strap. These deployants are not held in stock and require a few days to be custom made for you. We will try to match the color of the deployant to the color of your gold watch but cannot guarantee the absolute match. The price is quoted at the time the order is made because the price of gold fluctuates. At a $1250 per ounce gold market the deployant will cost $1250 in 18K gold, somewhat less in 14K gold.

Please read what one of our clients wrote on another website after receiving one of our deployants: