There were 2 versions made of this watch, stainless steel and gold plated. This 14K gold plated version watch measures 40.7 mm across and is just right for today’s taste for bigger watch. It is 15.2 mm thick. Right now the watch will fit a 7.25 inch. An additional stainless steel link is available if needed. The bracelet can be taken off and the watch can be worn on the leather strap. The lugs are 22 mm. The clasp contains a small stylus which can be easily removed to operate the keys which are depressed below the surface. Also, if you need a bigger stylus you can purchase an automatic pencil and replace the lead with a thin plastic rod. The keys which operate most used functions such as date, time, memory, alarm and stopwatch are positioned higher and can be operated with just the fingertip. This watch can perform all kinds of calculations and to learn all of the available functions please contact me for the copy of the owner’s manual. This watch was a genuine computer with advanced calculations and functions similar to the scientific calculators of that day. Please go to the link below see this model disassembled and read more.

Let me add that this watch was of the first run and American made as you can see on the case cover. The case and bracelet however were manufactured in Switzerland. Later ones had both American and foreign components and marked as such. This watch does not have the original Hewlett Packard electronic module from 1977. It was replaced with a modern version which copied all of the functions of the original. The modern module is made by Panamatik company in Germany. The display is original HP. The only operational difference is that this watch does not have the audible alarm.  The original piezo alarm beeper which was positioned on the inside of the case cover just crumbled when the watch was opened after many years of sitting unused. You will notice that with the present module only 2 batteries are required because the module uses only 3 volts. I do not have the manual or the box, only the complete watch with bracelet and stylus which fits into the clasp. The watch case is free of any dings or scratches. The crystal has a tiny chip on the edge, to the right of PACKARD.                                                                                   This is a highly collectible watch because it was so advanced in it’s time but made in very small quantities.